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November 2012 - Baron Wines

From Berlin to Beaune

26 November 2012

  In June I visited in Berlin, before heading off to Burgundy. Berlin was much like a bottle of Coche Dury – electric, full of energy, and always surprising. The vibe in the city was fantastic, and there were many fascinating neighbourhoods to discover – the soul of the city was certainly not just in the mitte, the centre. […]

Dinner at Hakkasan Mayfair

25 November 2012

  When choosing a restaurant for a dinner, I always try to think what would be different than the usual London circuit of the Ledbury, or the Square?  I enjoy both of these restaurants, and the food is usually faultless, but something refreshing, something exciting was in order. In step Hakkasan Mayfair. We first came here several months ago with […]