18 September 2012

Write something, write anything!

Posted by Adam

“Write something, write anything Dan,” Adam said to me. Its been a while since I have written more than a shopping list so a coherent 1000 words seems like a tall order.

Patching together what made my summer – watching Phelps, visiting Kefalonia, Asia trip with both brothers – DRC Richebourg ’01 & night at Otto Metzo, night at Hakkasan, Coche Meursault 2000 – might be a place to start.

I am a big white burgundy fan, for me it is the highest level of pleasure you can have when experiencing wine. From the moment I had a bottle of Drouhin Montrachet ’01 – my life changed. Its a mix of goosebumps, happiness, a shiver and warmth – the feeling a good white Burgundy gives me. That fateful bottle of Montrachet started something.As Adam has written, we have been going through a serious Coche faze this year. Although the Premier Crus + Grand Crus are the bench mark wines / crowd drawers, its the Meursault village that has given me consistent pleasure, time and time again. 2000, 2001,2004 + 2007. All very different. But all very Coche. I love that long finish, the richness and meatiness in the mouth of the 2000, the freshness and precision of the 2007.

I seem to connect with the 2000 vintage¬†in Meursault and Puligny. The bottle of Chevalier Montrachet Leflaive 2000¬†we drank was the business, no Ray Winstoneism intended. At the ‘I-don’t-mind-not-eating-this month’ price bracket what else compares? Of course you could go up a notch to the ‘landlord-I-won’t-be-making-rent’ Grand Cru level of Coche but that’s something else, not an entirely human realm. It comes down to fulfilment and the Chevalier delivers on every level – quality, finish, structure, complexity and price – c.360 GBP p/b inc Vat.

Talking of Ray Winstone – I went to a family BBQ at the weekend and mused with my brothers that an uncle of ours had an uncanny physical resemblance to Ray Winstone in the film Sexy Beast. There wasn’t a bottle of white Burgundy insight but we had our once yearly cigar with my Grandpa. Partagas D4’s – I had to come out of smoking retirement for this but it was worth it. Great draw – and I should hope so too we checked four boxes of cigars to get these bad boys!

Before I bounce, I have to mention the DRC Richebourg 2001 we had recently. The bottle had a peacefulness and harmony to it that I had never experienced before, it enveloped your body. I love experiences like that. As Ray would say, “Go on son”.