From Berlin to Beaune

26 November 2012

  In June I visited in Berlin, before heading off to Burgundy. Berlin was much like a bottle of Coche Dury – electric, full of energy, and always surprising. The vibe in the city was fantastic, and there were many fascinating neighbourhoods to discover – the soul of the city was certainly not just in the mitte, the centre. […]

Dinner at Hakkasan Mayfair

25 November 2012

  When choosing a restaurant for a dinner, I always try to think what would be different than the usual London circuit of the Ledbury, or the Square?  I enjoy both of these restaurants, and the food is usually faultless, but something refreshing, something exciting was in order. In step Hakkasan Mayfair. We first came here several months ago with […]

Write something, write anything!

18 September 2012

“Write something, write anything Dan,” Adam said to me. Its been a while since I have written more than a shopping list so a coherent 1000 words seems like a tall order. Patching together what made my summer – watching Phelps, visiting Kefalonia, Asia trip with both brothers – DRC Richebourg ’01 & night at […]

A few cigars…

02 September 2012

  Partagas Serie D No. 4 Excellent first draw of smoke, quite creamy, earthy nuances, good character towards the end of the 1st third, which makes up for the slight lack of complexity. Very open and mouth filling – in a good way. Easy to smoke, fine balance. Develops into quite a delicate smoke mid-way through 2nd third. The last […]

Hong Kong & Shanghai

11 July 2012

  In Hong Kong, where I met up with Daniel, we had our first dinner at the Sports Club in Central. A very local joint, where like several places in HK, you ‘’have to be a member’’ to dine there. The food was Hong Kongese and top notch. We started with an epic bottle of Rousseau Chambertin 1983. […]

How Wine is Made – Different Fermentation Techniques

29 May 2012

Up to Fermentation…  Once the grapes have been harvested, they are then sorted and placed in a destemming/crushing machine. Usually grapes are destemmed (egrappage) so as to prevent the stalk tannins which can be quite astringent and sometimes green (if not ripe) entering the wine. Keeping the stalks is not necessarily bad – they provide a backbone and structure […]

Hong Kong nights

11 March 2012

  Hong Kong has always been a special place for me. Ever since I traveled all over China for six months and lived in Hong Kong last year, I have always been fascinated by the place and enjoyed visiting. One thing that is great about Hong Kong is the cuisine – you will never go hungry! French, Italian, […]

Burgundy – foodie’s heaven

26 February 2012

En route to Beaune we stopped by our favourite address – Place des Vosges, Paris. While Daniel lived in Paris Carette used to be his local café and it is a great place to enjoy a good lunch, cigar and coffee. I smoked my last Bolivar Limited Edition 2009, and Daniel his Cohiba Robusto. So relaxing. In the evening we […]